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1app Business
2 min readDec 10, 2021

It was exciting at the office today, we launched 1app Business!

After thorough research and market evaluation, we discovered that businesses face challenges when it comes to getting paid. Business owners spend time and money looking for a perfect payment system. While some businesses give out their account details, others choose the smarter option of using a payment gateway.

Both methods have their pitfalls: false alerts and late bank notifications on the side of direct payments, downtimes and accountability on the side of payment gateways. Either way, these drawbacks result in a constant increase in drop-off rates for businesses.

What is 1app Business?

1app Business is a payment gateway aggregator that allows your business to receive payments easily. Our product combines all payment methods into one so you can accept payment at one without integrating any of the available gateways separately. This, not only saves you from wasting time and resources on creating accounts on multiple payment gateways, but it also gives your customers the flexibility to choose any of the methods that they are most comfortable with.

What can I do with 1app Business?

Once registered, you get access to all available payment gateways, a unique payment link that you can share with your clients, a QR code that you can print and share, a free online store for your products and a graphical representation of your financial report — all these and more without integrating a website. If you are a Developer, you also get access to 1app’s APIs and WordPress plugins.

Your customers get to use any method that suits them; and in the case of downtime in the customers’ selected method, they can easily switch to another method instead of not completing the payment. To crown it all, the team’s customer support is just an email away.

How do I get started?

Visit business.1app.online to register for free. Don’t forget to leave feedback in the comment section or via email at business@1appgo.com

1app Business is giving you a safe, reliable and accountable method to accept payments with ease and without a website or an integration. It allows you to get paid online easily, manage your finances right on your laptop or phone app, and increase your sales in the process.



1app Business

One app for all your payments at the cheapest price. 1app Business is a payment processing aggregator that allows you to receive payments with ease.